Travel Insurance

Following surgery travel insurance can become an expensive unseen cost when planning a trip as you will now need a Travel insurance policy that has cover for a “Pre Existing Medical Condition”.

Most normal travel insurance companies load the insurance policy for Pre Existing Medical Conditions which normally include the following, different insures do vary these conditions:

  • Any respiratory condition, heart condition, circulatory condition (including hypertension, stroke).
  • Any cancer or cancerous conditions for which you have ever been diagnosed or received treatment.
  • Any medical condition for which you are currently prescribed medication.
  • Any other medical condition for which you have consulted a hospital specialist or needed inpatient treatment within the last 12 months.

It should also be noted that cover can be withdrawn if information relating to a condition is not disclosed in your application, therefore any claim arising from undisclosed medical conditions, would be in valid and not paid out on.

For insurance to cover these conditions Stomawise has an agreement with for policies to cover these conditions and other members of your party.

You can apply for this on line at or by telephone on 0843 2276585 which is a low cost call number, when either filling out the online form or answering there Questions on the telephone please bare the following points in mind to ensure you are covered correctly.

  • Have I declared all the medical conditions for every member of my party?  If you don’t, you will not be covered.
  • Have I remembered to declare all my medical conditions?  Some people forget that they have one. For example, if you are over 65 and been taking blood Pressure or cholesterol tablets for the last ten years, this constitutes a pre-existing medical condition. If you do not declare it you will not be covered.
  • Have I told the insurance company that I have a medical condition under review, regardless of whether I take medication?  If you forget you will not be covered.
  • Have I told insurers about any injuries I have had in the last 12 months that may be exacerbated by activities I am planning during my trip? If not you may not be covered.
  • Am I making sure everyone in the party is buying insurance from the same company?  If you don’t not everyone in your party will be covered should one of you be forced to cancel the holiday due to a pre-existing medical problem.
  • If you are pregnant, have you checked the exclusions? Some insurers will not cover claims if the holiday is in the last 16 weeks of pregnancy.


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