Ostomy Products


Ostomy Pouch systems may be a one-piece or two-piece system.

Both types include a skin barrier/wafer and a pouch to collect the output from the stoma.

In the one piece system the pouch attaches to the abdomen via the skin barrier and is fitted over the stoma, in the two piece system the pouch attaches to the skin barrier via an adhesive ring or a Tupperware type click ring which in turn attaches to the abdomen

The barrier/wafer is designed with several properties to protect the skin from the stoma output and not to be broken down by moisture, stool or urine.

New ostomates in a lot of cases find it easier to use a two piece system as you can see the stoma while attaching the system to their abdomen.

Below you will find links directly to the different manufactures products all of which have different properties so there is sure to be a pouch to suit your needs but may not always be the first one you try.