Dispensing Appliance Contractors


Dispensing Appliance Contractors (DAC’s) provide a comprehensive support structure for both Ostomy and Urology patients.

This service often includes their own qualified stoma and continence nurses.

Coupled with customisation of products, free disposal bags and wipes and sometimes other extras like a starter kit including a free wash bag, these services are extremely valued by patients.

It is also widely acknowledged that many Pharmacy Contractors (PC’s) and Dispensing Doctor Practices (DD’s) have little understanding of the vast and wide variety of products that are available within the Ostomy and Incontinence product ranges.

Advanced Services are optional, with most DACs providing these services which can include the customisation and pre cutting of ostomy pouches to ensure a correct fit and comfort during the wear time of the product.

Appliance reviews and re-measuring of the stoma to insure the correct product is being used to help provide patient comfort and minimize leakage, increasing quality of life.

Below you will find links directly to the different DAC’s all of which offer the same basic service and several additional services such as free samples, service while out of the country, next day delivery or personal delivery by a company Representative you will get to know and be able to ask questions.