1 Piece Products

In a one-piece system, the ostomy pouch and skin barrier are one and applied and removed to and from the abdomen as one item.

Hence the name “one piece”.

The one piece products consists of :
1. The pouch or bag that collects stool or urine.

2. The skin barrier which has an adhesive back to adhere to the abdomen with a hole in the centre part that fits around the stoma so as to protect the skin.

Some skin barriers include a tape border to help hold the barrier in place this is normally personal preference or where uneven skin causes problems in the skin barrier adhering to abdominal skin.

One piece systems are available with either Closed and Drainable bags.

Advantages of a one-piece system.

Easy to apply and remove.
More flexible than a two-piece system as there is no
coupling to join the two together.

Disadvantages of a one-piece system.

Every time a bag is changed it means removing the adhesive area from the abdominal skin which can cause irritation to the skin in that area.