Ostomy Underwear


Ostomy underwear is designed to conceal and support the ostomy pouch and provide support to your abdominal area around the stoma.

Several types of ostomy underwear and clothing are available to accommodate men and women with stomas on the right or left side of the abdomen.

Ostomists can wear several different types of garments to assist in supporting their pouch / abdomen some products contain a pocket to support the ostomy bag and provide a barrier to avoid iteration by the pouch against your skin, others provide tighter support to hold the pouch against you and support the abdominal wall.

A large proportion of Ostomy underwear also has a higher than normal waist band to avoid putting excess pressure on the stoma and are normally available in three levels of support depending upon your need – (Advice should be taken from your stoma nurse as to the level of support you need)

  • Level 1 – Premium support wear designed to overcome many common difficulties faced by living with a stoma, incontinence or post surgical wounds. Soft, gentle support, comfortable enough to be worn all day, every day without restricting the flow of a stoma.
  • Level 2 – Ideal for supporting hernias, or for extra support during exercise activities. Also, ideal for discretely holding larger incontinence pants securely. Soft breathable fabric for ultra comfort.
  • Level 3 – Premium firm support belt, ideal for holding hernias, protecting hernia repairs and giving extra support during strenuous activity.

Below you will find links directly to the different suppliers of ostomy underwear some is available to purchase and others are available on prescription but normally restricted to 6 pairs per year in the case of underwear and in the case of hernia belts to 3 per year.