Changing your pouch

Caring for your skin while changing your pouch

Step 1. 
Check you have everything ready to hand: Warm Water, Soft dry wipes, Adhesive removing wipes, Curved Scissors (to cut out back plate), Cutting Template, Disposal bag (for soiled pouch and wipes), Clean pouch to apply.

Step 2.
If you use a drainable pouch ensure that it is emptied before you remove it.
Then remove it with both hands – one hand to peal off the pouch; and the other to hold the skin and reduce  ‘pulling’ on the area. (Always start near the top of the pouch not the bottom as if the stoma starts to work, any output will fall into the pouch)

Step 3.
Use the soft wipes and water to clean the skin around the stoma and the stoma it self. You may notice small amounts of blood on the wipe, this is because the bowel has a very healthy blood supply, and will bleed slightly when touched, similar to your gums occasionally bleeding when you clean your teeth.

Step 4.
Once you have washed the area wipe it with an adhesive removing wipe to ensure that any old adhesive from the previous appliance are gone, then wipe again with a soft wipe and clean water.
If you prefer to use soap on the skin around your stoma, baby soap or simple soap that is un-perfumed should be used. It is personal choice whether or not you use soap. Water alone is perfectly adequate, if you do use soap, you must rinse it off completely before drying your skin.

Step 5.
Once you’ve cleaned the area, make sure it’s dried thoroughly, check the size of your stoma against your template before cutting your new backplate / wafer.

Step 6.
If you are using a one piece system apply the clean pouch, in the case of a two piece system apply the back plate, making sure there are no creases in the adhesive area, if you have any scars or undulating skin under the area of the back plate, that causes leakage, stoma paste should be applied before the appliance is fixed and allowed to dry for about 30 seconds.

Step 7.
In the case of a two piece system the pouch should now be fixed to the back plate either by clicking the “Tupperware” type ring into place or in the case of the adhesive type pouches make sure the landing area is completely dry, remove the backing from the pouch and position over the landing area making sure there are no air pockets or creases which would cause leakage, press down firmly between finger and thumb all round the seal.