Donations 2014

Stomawise would like to thank the following people listed below for their hard work and commitment in their fund raising activities for supporting Stomawise and our various causes.

Stomawise is registered with the HMRC for Giftaid so if making a donation and you are a UK tax payer your donation could be worth an extra 25% to us. (Contact for further information)


The OstoBears where designed by Stomawise in conjunction with the Paediatric stoma nursing group (PSNG). The bears are donated by Stomawise at the request of the paediatric stoma nurses to children undergoing ostomy surgery in the UK and then can accompany a child through their experience in hospital and beyond with the same condition.

Caravan Appeal.

We are currently raising funds to purchase several caravans on small secluded caravan sites to allow post surgery ostomates to have a weeks holiday (at no charge) after the have been discharged by their district nurse.

The aim of this is to help build confidence and encourage new ostomates to travel and see that having an ostomy need not stop them living life to the full.

Date Name Cause Amount
12/04/2014 Wendy Howden Caravan £10.00
14/04/2014  Ash Haycock  Ostobears  £29.99
 13/05/2014  Charlotte Burkhart  Ostobears  £29.99
 24/05/2014  Fiona Loakes (Party Night)  Ostobears  No Donation Recived
24/05/2014 Amanda Morris Caravan £10.00
 30/07/2014  Debbie Howard  Ostobears  £324.87
 01/08/2014  Miss JR Taylor  Ostobears  £85.85
22/08/2014 John McDermott Ostobears £24.99
08/09/2014 Carol Williams Ostobears £30.00
09/09/2014 Lydia Cant Stomawise £3.00
04/10/2014 Milly & Carol (Prom Night) Ostobears £504.00
05/10/2014 Sheila Harris Stomawise £15.00
12/10/2014 Laura Cotton Ostobears £24.99
25/11/2014 Nyree Bryan Ostobears £24.99
29/11/2014 Sian Wight Ostobears £24.99
02/12/2014 Mr G P Fisher Ostobears £90.00
07/12/2014 June McCreadie Ostobears £24.99
15/12/2014 Blueleaf Stomawise £50.00