Ostomy Awareness Campaign 2015

For many people adapting to a new ostomy can be challenging, due to the emotional and physical changes that accompany this surgery.

Throughout 2015 Stomawise “Ostomy Awareness Campaign” aims to eliminate the apprehension and possible stigma associated with the ostomy lifestyle.

Adapting to life with a colostomy presents several challenges to an ostomate, and reactions from third parties all of which with a small amount of education can be eliminated but if left can cause the ostomate to loose confidence and self esteem.

There are five aspects of colostomy surgery that can cause a lack of confidence to an ostomate. They are:

1. The exit of faeces from the body in an unusual location.
2. The lack of control.
3. The complexities of emptying and replacing the appliance.
4. The enhanced risk of noise and leakage.
5. Intimacy.

Given repeated experiences over time the lack of confidence will fade, and is key in successful adaptation to this surgery. But is likely that people with a greater sensitivity would take longer to adjust and perhaps be less prone to adapt to a new way of life.

In addition, ostomates may experience, or at least imagine, adverse reactions from other people, and patients who themselves are more easily disgusted may be more likely to anticipate that others will react in an adverse manner.

Throughout 2015 Stomawise Ostomy Awareness Campaign aims to help remove the stigma associated with this type of surgery, to help both new and old ostomates alike come to terms more easily with their condition, and help their friends and family’s understand the emotional roller coaster they are on.

To help in this Stomawise has had commissioned silicon wrist bands in a new colour to signify Ostomy Awareness in brown and pink marbled effect which will be available to purchase in the Stomawise Store.

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