About Stomawise

We are an internet based support network for people who have undergone any of the following Surgical Procedures: ileostomy, colostomy or urostomy surgery, and have a bag attached to their abdomen used to collect waste from the body.

The web site provides a central point where Ostomates can resource information on their condition and find answers to their questions and problems found in day to day living with a stoma. through communicating on our forum with other Ostomates who have the same condition.

The web site also contains a large amount of related information on the condition, together with other information and links that proved useful when living with a stoma, such as “Radar Keys”, “Prescription Charge information”, “Clinical waste services” etc, we also have listings of local support groups with the time and date of there meetings.

Stoma product manufactures are also listed giving a comparison of the stoma products that are available, together with sample recipes for meals by popular TV Chefs as obviously there are some restrictions on the foods that can be eaten with this condition

The address of the web site is http://www.stomawise.co.uk

We currently have three offices across the UK based in hospitals where ostomates are welcome to come and talk to an Ostomate Volunteer over a cup of Coffee about any problems they may have, Volunteers to staff these offices are always welcome contact admin@stomawise.co.uk

Legal Status.

Stomawise is a small charity and currently registered with the HMRC to receive “Gift Aid” on donations made to us, our service is completely free of charge to all users and all funds collected/donated are used to finance are current projects:

  • The OstoBears for children ostomates
  • The Caravan Appeal to provide respite holidays for new Ostomates

As the total of the funds we currently raise per year do not meet the requirements of the charities commission for registration we are not currently, and have no need to be registered with charities commission.

However this does not mean that we are not a charity and welcome all available help and donations.