Ostomy Accessories


The basic necessities of ostomy care are normally the products your Stoma Nurse sent you home with.

These are classed as necessities and include the flanges, pouches and non scented wipes etc.

Apart from the necessities there is a wide array of what are called accessories made by most product manufactures and third-party Company’s to help aid you in looking after your stomal skin and stoma care in general.

There are many accessories available for ostomy care, and not all of them are either necessary or required for your care. Below are a few of the common accessories and their suggested uses:

  • Stoma Paste – Is a toothpaste like substance normally made up of the same products as the skin barrier and used to fill skin dips or hollows before fitting your skin barrier.
  • Stoma Powder – Is a fine powder that can be applied to sore/weeping skin to help dry it out and allow your skin barrier to stick, but should be covered with a barrier film other wise the skin barrier will not stick.
  • Wipes – There are several different types of wipes, some are adhesive removers to remove traces of adhesive from your skin, others are skin barriers films to help protect the skin.
  • Belts – There are ostomy belts which clip on to your skin barrier or pouch to help keep the pouch in place, these are normally used if your stoma is retracted to keep the skin barrier/pouch in place covering the stoma and reduce the risk of leaks.

Below you will find links to a lot of the ostomy accessory manufactures.