Comfy Drive

Comfy Drive Car, Van and Aircraft Seat Belt Ostomy Protector.

Camo Seat Belt Protector

  • Seat Belt irritate your ostomy?
  • Not wearing seat belt because you have an ostomy?
  • Seat belts save lives now you can buckle up with security and reduce the possibility of injuring your ostomy.
  • Can also be attached to the lap belt on any aircraft.
  • Available in Black, Blue Denim, Multi Colour Print, Blue Pint, Pink, Brown and New Camo.

The comfy drive works by having a hd foam block either side of your stoma pouch which hold’s the lap part of the seatbelt away from the stoma hence not causing irritation of the stoma, and holding the belt off your stoma in the case of the belt being activated.

Allowing you to throw away the bulldog clips and all the other home devices to stop the lap belt causing irritation

The Comfy Drive does not affect the operation of your car seatbelt system in any way.

Co-ordinate with your car interior from the drop down list of colors below – One size fits all.

Seat Belt Ostomy Protector

Car Seat Belt Ostomy Protector.
Holds the seat belt off your stoma to prevent irritation.

Price: £25.99 + P&P



seat belt protector range

Junior Seat Belt Protector

Junior Car Seat Belt Ostomy Protector.

Holds the lap part of the seat belt off your Child’s stoma to prevent irritation.

Available in cool elephant print

Price: £19.99 + P&P