Stomawise Travel Certificate

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Comfy Drive Car, Van and Aircraft Seat Belt Ostomy Protector.
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Introducing our all new full colour travel certificate, fulfilling more requirements than ever before in a compact book format.

  • More Languages (including Thai & Russian)
  • More Important Details Space
  • Designed in conjunction with Liverpool John Lennon Airport to provide airport security Do’s and Don’ts
  • Sponsored by Fish Insurance (pre-existing condition specialists)
New Travel Certificate

Ostomy Travel Certificate

The Stomawise travel certificate is available to all Ostomates for just the postage cost although we do ask you to make a donation towards the costs involved to produce them, Due to printing costs of the certificate this is Limited to one per application.

It explains your condition in English a selection of the most popular Holiday Destination Languages.

Although you can explain in the UK & other English speaking countries it eliminates the need to explain in front of fellow travelers, and explains for you in none English speaking countries especially when traveling through air / sea ports.

I don’t want to donate anything

I would like to donate £5 toward the costs of production

I would like to donate £10 toward the costs of production