OstoBear – ACE

OstoBear ACE is available from Stomawise and has been designed to aid children that have had an ACE (Antegrade Continence Enema) procedure.

Used to instruct both the parent and child on the procedures of how to insert the catheters and flush their stoma and also as to provide a comfort for child patients during their hospital stay.

The OstoBear ACE has a life like stoma and can accept the insertion of a 300mm No8 / No10 catheter or a 3.3 mm ACE stopper / button, and is also able to have 100ml of water injected into it (the water should also be removed with the syringe).

The OstoBear ACE is suitable for both ACE & Mitrofanoff patients.

The teddies are supplied in Pyjamas in either boy or girl styles and vary from the OstoBear – Stoma’s clothing, they can also be dressed later in any of our range of OstoBear Clothing available in the Stomawise store and from our partner build your bears wardrobe.

The bears are fully CE approved but not recommended for children under 36 months and are available to purchase in the Stomawise store and by donation through Stomawise.

The OstoBears are available by Donation from Stomawise to children undergoing surgery, for either Ostomy, ACE and Mitrofanoff at the request of their stoma nurse or consultant to accompany them through their experience in hospital, providing the hospital’s stoma dept subscribe to the Stomawise Health Care Professional area of the Stomawise Website and have fulfilled the criteria set out by Stomawise to receive donations.