Bidet Shower

Hygiene and cleanliness that paper alone can never achieve.

A bidet shower enables you to maintain personal hygiene through out every emptying of your pouch, without the use of masses of toilet paper or baby wipes. The bidet shower allows you to clean the open end of your pouch and the folding area with a gentle spray of fresh water whilst sitting on the toilet.

The bidet showers is basically a mini shower that will allow you to easily wash the open end of your pouch after emptying and also wash out the toilet pan without the use of toilet paper or wipes and putting your hands into the pan to clean it.

By control of the trigger you can control the pressure of flow to gently wash the pouch and more powerfully clean the toilet.

The Mini Shower head is manufactured in high impact ABS with a mirror chromium plate finish & the kit comprises Mini Shower head with button type water control trigger, 1.2M Double lock stainless steel hose and wall mounting bracket with fixings.

The bidet shower can be purchased from the Stomawise Store at the cost of £29.99 + p&p

Once you receive the Bidet shower kit it is only a small job for a Plumber or a DIY Enthusiast to install connecting it to the toilets water supply.