Hints & Tips

Pain Killers
If they contain codeine may cause the stool to become harder / constipated. Make sure to drink plenty of water.

Sore skin under back plate
If you have red, inflamed or weeping skin around the stoma where the back plate normally sits this may cause the back plate to loose adhesion and come away. Try using a moisture- absorbing powder “CONVATEC Orahesive protective powder” around the area, dust off the excess before applying the skin barrier and back plate.

Uneven skin around the stoma.
If you have uneven  or hollows in the skin around the stoma this can be a potential leakage area as the back plate will not get full adhesion to your abdomen, Try a small amount of “Stoma Paste” in the hollows before fitting the back plate.

Emptying the Pouch.
Empty the pouch when it’s a third to half full. This ensures there is not too much weight pulling on the adhesive and your abdomen thus maintaining a good skin seal.

Hot Weather.
In hot weather when your skin is moist due to perspiration, you may find that the wafer tends to come away, to avoid this it is useful to use an unscented roll on antiperspirant on your abdominal skin around the stoma, but NOT on the stoma. Allow this to dry and then fix the wafer as normal.

Help the Wafer Stick.
In cool weather it can be helpful to warm the back plate under your arm or on a warm radiator for a few minutes to allow it to soften up, which in turn makes it easer to mould to your abdomen.

If you like to eat Orange’s remove all the pith as this can cause the stoma to block, a good alternative is to eat the tined mandarin oranges.

When travelling, take twice the normal number of flanges and pouches you would normally expect to use. As changes in food and activity levels can disrupt your normal routine.

When travelling it is a good idea to leave a small pack of baby wipes in the car just in case of emergencies the best ones we have found are TESCO’S own brand in the blue pack which are unscented.

Take your time when eating.
Take your time to chew food thoroughly, don’t swallow large lumps. This not only helps the stoma to deal with what will eventually go through it, but can make meal times more enjoyable and relaxing.

Eating Times.
Do not to eat a large meal late in the evening. This can cause the pouch fill more quickly overnight, and disturb your sleep as it will need emptying. Depending on the type of stoma you have the time food remains in your body will be somewhat reduced.

Avoid excessive amounts of. It can cause dehydration and, depending on the type of stoma, make pouch emptying more frequent and very watery.

Try slowly reintroducing your favorite foods. Stomas may not react positively to there first hot and spicy foods, But experiment with different foods as most people can return to a regular diet with few limitations.

Watery Output.
At last a medical reason to eat a few sweets, to “thicken up” your output try eating marshmallows, jelly babies (in fact any sweets that contain gelatine) or bananas. Another alternative but not as much fun is to pop an“OAKMED Gel-X Capsule” directly into your bag, this will disolve and thicken the contents of the bag. These are very usefull at night time when you are sleeping.

The gentlest and most effective form of exercise is walking. Walking is good in that it can be started soon after surgery and gradually increased over time. Cycling is also an excellent form of low impact exercise that will not put too much strain on your abdomen. As with walking, cycling can be introduced gradually and then increased over time.