Norman Surplus

Norman Surplus, an Irishman who beat cancer in 2003, is travelling around the world in his gyrocopter to give others hope they can beat the disease.

Norman was inspired to fly after watching a television documentary on the gyrocopter from his hospital bed, and if he completes the journey, he’ll be the first to do so.

As a result of this he has embraced life even more intensely than before and the circumnavigation of the globe in the autogyro is an illustration of this. In addition Norman intends to raise funds for cancer research as a result of this trip.

Another motivation is to be an inspiration in a sense to provide hope and encouragement especially for newly diagnosed cancer sufferers.  As Norman learned how to fly, consolidate that training over a few years and then be able to fly around the world all in the post cancer diagnosis and treatment phase of his life, then that should give others inspiration and hope to others who suddenly find themselves in a similar situation.

And also that they should not just give up all hope of survival at the outset of diagnosis when everything may appear very bleak

You can follow Norman’s progress on here in our news articles and directly from Normans Website and on facebook