Ostomy Travel Certificate App

Stomawise travel certificate app V1.1 is now available for both apple iphone and android mobile phones.

When installed on your smartphone, you’ll spot the Stomawise Owl icon. Simply tap and go! As more languages are installed you will be informed that the update is available via the apple and android stores.

It has the 8 most popular European languages initially explaining your condition with the text as below:

“This is to certify that the person carrying this certificate has had a surgical operation which makes it necessary for him / her to wear, at all times, a bag attached to there abdomen to collect output from their bowel / bladder.

If it is necessary to examine this bag, a qualified medical practitioner should be in attendance, as any interference may cause leakage, discomfort and embarrassment to the certificate holder.

The bag may also be supported by a belt; the belt can contain metal parts which will register on a metal detector / body scanner.

The certificate holder may also be carrying an emergency supply pack consisting of spare bags, surgical dressings, etc in addition to their main luggage.

It is essential that these supplies remain intact and are not mislaid or confiscated.”

The app also contains a details page in association with Fittleworth for World Assist Alliance in case of emergency when travelling abroad.

Here, you can find all the emergency contact numbers for Fittleworth along with space to enter all of your ostomy product details before you travel so you have all the information to hand in case of emergency!

The World Assist Alliance service is a fantastic offering for Fittleworth customers who need emergency supplies whilst aboard. Please note, you must be Fittleworth Customer for your ostomy supplies and have used them over 3 months prior to your travels to use the World Assist Alliance service. For more information on world assist, click here.

If you don’t use Fittleworth, don’t worry, you can still use the remainder of the page to store your Ostomy product details in case of emergency or you need to check the product codes etc at an event for example.

Iphone users can find it in the app store by searching for “stomawise” and android users can find it by Searching Google Play for “stomawise”.