Surplus Stoma Products

Over a period of time you will obviously build up surplus of Ostomy Products.

It may be samples you have been sent, an older type of appliance when yours has been changed, and in some cases you may of have had a reversal and no longer need what stock you have, there are several things you can do with the surplus stock.

Firstly: Your stoma nurse may take full sealed boxes from you but they can only accept products with the manufactures seal unbroken.

Secondly: The Jacob’s Well Appeal will accept most products these are then sent to other countries where they are needed eg: Romania, Siret, Afghanistan, Ukraine and Ghana, so you will know it has been put to good use.

They will accept most products including stoma bags, back plates and accessories with just a few conditions:

Please include your name and address within the packaging.
Stoma products can be removed from the boxes, and placed in a plastic bag for easy packaging.
Enclose the product code wherever possible.

Unopened tubes of paste, powders and wipes are also very welcome.

You may also download a packing note / address label to fill in, listing all the products you are sending, together with there product codes and your details.

Your package should be then sent to:

The Jacob’s Well Appeal
2 Ladygate
East Yorkshire
HU17 8BH
Tel: 01482 881162
Fax: 01482 865452
Registered Charity Number: 515235