Ostomy Travel Certificates

Planning to travel aboard?
Worried about being searched in security?

The 2012 Stomawise travel certificate will be available from February 2012 and is free to all Ostomates while stocks last.

It now explains your condition in English a selection of the most popular European languages, although you can explain in the UK & other English speaking countries it eliminates the need to explain in front of fellow travellers, and explains for you in  European air / sea ports.

The certificate needs some personal information adding ie. Name, Address, Passport number. And then counter signing by your doctor to validate it.

Our new certificate is exactly the same size as your passport so it fits neatly with your travel documents.

To obtain your new travel certificate visit the Stomawise Store where you can pay 0.71p for postage & packing by Paypal or send a SAE(UK Only) to Stomawise at:

Travel Certificate
PO Box 2297
North Wales

The english text on the certificate reads as follows :

“This is to certify that the person named on this certificate has had a surgical operation which makes it necessary for him / her to wear, at all times, a bag attached to there abdomen to collect output from their bowel / bladder.

If it is necessary to examine this bag, a qualified medical practitioner should be in attendance, as any interference may cause leakage, discomfort and embarrassment to the certificate holder.

The bag may also be supported by a belt; the belt can contain metal parts which will register on a metal detector / body scanner.
The certificate holder may also be carrying an emergency supply pack consisting of spare bags, surgical dressings, etc in addition to their main luggage.

It is essential that these supplies remain intact and are not mislaid or confiscated. “