The Night Before

JAMES COLE is an award-winning writer of prose, non-fiction, and scripts.

Born in 1966 with bladder exstrophy, this birth defect required the creation of an ileostomy on his second day of life, and later a urostomy in 1979.

Years later, James turned his experiences and emotions from the latter surgery into a short story called, “Hot Shots”.

In 2001 film director Jay Holben chose “Hot Shots” as his next film project. James Cole adapted his story into a script, which became the short film “THE NIGHT BEFORE” highlighting the emotions, stresses and fears of being on a children’s hospital ward.

THE NIGHT BEFORE premiered in 2003, played several festivals, and won the International Cinematographers Guild Showcase Award and the Valley Film Festival Audience Award for Best Drama.

It has since been screened at several exstrophy conferences in the United States, Canada, The U.K., and Australia.

Stomawise would like to thank James Cole and Jay Holben (director) for their permission to use the film on Stomawise to help and enlighten others in the same situation.