Recipes By Baron Gottsacker

It is with great pleasure that we thank Baron Gottsacker for his assistance in allowing us to use his most inspiring recipes for people with Crohn’s disease and people with other digestive disorders. From breakfast, lunch and dinner to luscious desserts, appetizers, and more.

Bio: Chef Baron Gottsacker

Baron W. Von Gottsacker is the Chef/Owner of award-winning City Streets Riverside Restaurant, specializing in “new American” cuisine, located in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, USA. Mentored by his father, who graduated top of his class from the Culinary Institute of America and started the restaurant more than 25 years ago, Baron has literally been “in the kitchen” his whole life. He is the current President of the Eastern shore chapter of the Wisconsin Restaurant Association which presented him with the 2008 Restaurateur of the Year honor.

Diagnosed in his mid-twenties with Crohn’s disease, Baron was not willing to stifle his passion for cooking (and eating!), but instead seized the opportunity to inspire others who share in this condition. As a person with Crohn’s, Baron has learned to create new and exciting meals that accommodate his needs.

Baron’s creativity and refined taste, both in and out of the kitchen, are what keep his restaurant busy and his friends and family begging him for culinary tips. Baron finds cooking inspiration from music, the changing seasons, and exploring the foods of different areas of the country and the world. Travel helps him conceptualize a dish — with his favorite foods being any ethnic cuisine — Mexican topping the list.

To share his recipes with others who have Crohn’s, Baron has his own website where you can find many more recipes