Petto Di Pollo Al Marsala

Chicken breast cooked in Marsala wine and cream sauce served with rosemary sauteed potatoes.


4 chicken breast (skinless & boneless)
5tbls Marsala wine
200ml double cream
50g plain flour
10 tbls Italian olive oil
3 large potatoes (par-boiled)
3 sticks of fresh Rosemary
2 clove garlic
Salt & Pepper to taste


With the help of a cooking hammer beat the chicken between 2 sheets of cling-film ½cm thin. Dip them in the flour and place them in a frying pan with 2tbls of olive oil. Allow to cook for 1 minute each side. Add the Marsala wine and flame for approx. 30 seconds. Add the cream, season with salt and pepper and cook on a low heat for approx. 4 minutes allowing the sauce to thicken.

In the meantime peel and slice the potatoes in approx. 1cm thick. Fry them in a pan with the olive oil, garlic and rosemary, season with salt and pepper and cook until golden on both sides.

To prepare the dish place 1 breast of chicken on a plate accompanied with sauté potatoes. Drizzle some of the Marsala sauce over the chicken and serve immediately.