Ostomi-i Alert – Alert Sensor

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Activating the Sensor

Pull out the tab by the battery. This releases the battery so that it can connect properly. Use a pin or the end of a pen to press the button on the side of the main case of the sensor. A green light will light up to show that the sensor is working.

Setting Up – The Essentials

Click open the app to view the status screen. At the top of the screen there are 5 menu headings. Follow these simple instructions.

Step 1 Turn on the Bluetooth function on your mobile. The screen will move to the devices menu.

Step 2 Press the scan button at the bottom of the menu and this will let the app scan for your mobile device. This may take a couple of attempts. Under the section marked ‘Visible devices’, ‘Ostom-i’ should appear.

Step 3 Press the ‘Ostom-i’ button. You should now be connected. The screen will change to show a thermometer.

Step 4 Press the alarm tab. This will allow you to set the point at which the alarm sounds – anywhere between 1% and 100% full. If you wish to set a new alarm, press the ‘New Alarm’ button. You can edit the alarms at any time.

Step 5 Connect the Ostom-i Alert to your bag as shown. The optimum position is usually about three quarters of the way down but you should alter this to suit your own needs.

You are now ready to use the Ostom-i Alert.

Other Functions

By pressing the ‘Your Details’ tab, you can fill in 4 pieces of personal information. The key is to enter a username and password. These are the same details that you will need when you log in to the website to view your data. The remainder of the information will enable you to use the collected information when the alarm goes off. You DO NOT need to complete these in order for your Ostom-i Alert to work. Entering a patient number may or may not be relevant to you.

By using the ‘Report Frequency’ section it is possible to see a daily, weekly or monthly report. When the alarm goes off, Ostom-i records the volume and time of output and will generate a graph that collates this information.
The ‘Email Address’ tab allows you to send your report to up to 5 different addresses. This may just be to yourself or a family member – or may include your doctor. Once set up, this happens automatically but can be changed at any time.

Downloading the App

The app should appear on your screen. Download the app to your mobile or tablet. Once downloaded, you are ready to set up.