Pelican Accessories

Protect Plus Non Sting Barrier Film with added Vitamin E.

Pelican Protect Plus provides the optimum in skin protection with the benefit of Vitamin E to nourish and moisturise the skin.
* Silicone based Barrier Film
* Fresh spearmint fragrance
* Added Vitamin E to nourish and moisturise the skin
* No sting on application
* Ideal for sore or irritated skin
* Ease of use – dries within seconds

Packed: 30 Sachets.
Order Code: 130260

Release Non Sting Adhesive Remover with Vitamin E

Pelican Release in an effective non sting adhesive remover with the benefit of Vitamin E to nourish and moisturise the skin.
* Silicone based adhesive remover
* Fresh spearmint fragrance
* No sting on application
* Added Vitamin E to nourish and moisturise the skin
* Available in two options
* Ease of use – dries quickly

Packed: 30 Sachets & 50ml Aerosol.
Order Codes: 130360 & 130460

Perform Solidifying Agent.

Pelican Perform offers total pouch control by turning your stoma output into a gel, which allows controlled emptying and aids cleaning.
* Minimises risk of leaks, especially at night
* Promotes healthier skin
* Reduces odour
* Improves filter performance
* Assists pouch emptying
* Only a single sachet required
* Discreet, convenient and easy to use

Packed: 60 Sachets.
Order Code: 130160

Deo-Mint Deodorant.

Pelican Deo-Mint Deodorant brings you the latest technology in odour control along with a unique fragrance design system.
* Refreshing spearmint fragrance
* Complete odour eliminator
* Special molecular bullets that specifically target key types of odours
* 100% active liquid in every bottle – so no waste

Packed: Bottle 50ml.
Order Code: 130770

Ultra Barrier Cream

Pelican Ultra Barrier Cream is designed to protect the area around your stoma from becoming sore, or if already sore to soothe and help prevent further damage.
* PH balanced to maintain healthy skin and ensure comfort
* Only light application required before pouch application
* Water-based for optimum absorption into skin
* Designed to protect the peristomal skin
* Ideal for use on sore and broken skin
* Contains an anti-perspirant agent to aid pouch adhesion

Packed: 50g Tube.
Order Codes:130105

Pelican Paste.

Pelican Paste will fill skin dips, smooth over scar lines and create the ideal base for a safe, secure pouch application.
* Contains no alcohol – therefore no sting on application
* Hypo-allergenic to suit most skin types
* Contains Karaya, a natural ingredient with a proven ability to heal sore skin
* Easy-squeeze tube
* Paste remains pliable throughout application
* Durable

Packed: 100g Tube.
Order Code: 130101