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Bringing back Confidence and Quality of Life.

What is Na’Scent?
Na'Scent productsIt’s an ostomy odour eliminator. Simply described, Na’Scent is stabilized oxygen in a high concentrate. It is perfectly safe, non-toxic, odourless, effective, and wonderfully easy to use.

How Does Na’Scent Work?
Na’Scent combines well-recognized oxidizing agents approved by the USDA and FDA with reverse-osmosis-purified water, thus creating a liquid that attacks and inhibits the proliferation of anaerobic microorganisms while encouraging an aerobic environment.

It’s this highly oxygenated liquid that literally removes the odour associated with ostomies.

The science behind it is complex, but the results are straight forward: ostomy odours not just masked but eliminated.
Na’Scent doesn’t use harsh chemicals or deodorants. The product is a clear, non-flammable, non-toxic, non-carcinogenic liquid which you just add a few drops to your pouch after emptying.
Because it kills anaerobic bacteria it even enhances hygiene.

Key Benefits
Ostomates can now confidently embrace experiences they’ve been dreading, maybe even avoiding.

  • Using an Airline toilet.
  • Emptying your pouch in the work environment.
  • Eating your favourite foods that can cause odour.
  • Using a friend or relatives bathroom.
  • An overall boost to confidence in daily life.

Why not try the product that ostomates everywhere are saying “It’s the only one that works”