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C.D Medical Ltd is a small specialised company dedicated to improvements in healthcare

Through innovation in the development of quality cost effective Wound Management, Skin Care and Stoma Care products. These products, across the range, offer very effective cost savings to the NHS against leading brands.

C.D Medical is a wholly owned subsidiary of M & A Pharmachem Ltd which is an important supplier of solid dose medicines to the NHS

Two years ago C D Medical Ltd sought to introduce an innovative form of spray packaging into stomacare which it was using for a very successful saline wound irrigation aerosol called Stericlens. The system looks and sprays like an aerosol, but it does not contain liquid propellants which are what make aerosol sprays cold when sprayed on to the skin. Inside the container is a plastic bag containing the product for the skin, surrounded by compressed nitrogen. The container will therefore dispense its contents at room temperature and in addition it will spray held in any position, even upside down!

We saw an opportunity to help in the field of stomacare where patients were already using a cold, standard aerosol spray as an adhesive remover to help when changing an Ostomy bag. We launched our product, PEEL-EASY which is not only warm to the skin but can be used held and sprayed upside down, and in addition has a prescription price which is 20% less than the brand leader.

Since introducing PEEL – EASY Spray and PEEL – EASY WIPES, we have launched CLINIFRESH to help with reducing unwanted odours in Stomacare, and have just launched CLINIFILM Spray (with the new spray technology) along with CLINIFILM WIPES to apply a no-sting protective barrier to damaged or sensitive skin, all again saving the NHS 20% against the prescription price of the brand leader.