Penguin Pouches

Penguin Pouch covers are British made ostomy pouch covers,

Not currently available on NHS Prescription but available through our official representative Stomawise who receive a donation to help with there fund raising from every cover sold.

The current range includes both open and closed pouch covers, with Double layered 100% cotton back for extra comfort together with a decorative front cover in either plain colours or prints to suite ladies, gents and children, all our products carry the Genuine Penguin Pouch product tag.

The range will shortly include Sports covers with a highly absorbent Soft breathable fabric back for ultra comfort during sports to stop the build-up of moisture between skin and ostomy pouch.

Pouch covers “Why would I use one?”

Comfort – The back of the pouch cover is made from a double layer of 100% cotton to aid the discomfort caused by your pouch hanging against your skin, especially in warm weather when this becomes clammy and can cause sore skin, and in the case of clear pouches the contents can not be seen

Intimacy – Can make the pouch look more attractive than just the plain pouch

Open and Closed Pouch Covers (the difference)

Open Covers
Open covers are open at the bottom edge and can be used by both Urostomy Pouches and Drainable Ileostomy pouches without the need to remove the cover.

Closed Covers
Closed covers are stitched closed at the bottom end and can be used by both Ileostomy and Non drainable colostomy pouches, a lot of people with drainable pouches prefer these as when the bag is filling the pouch cover takes some of the weight in this case the cover has to be removed for emptying.

Our current range is available in the Stomawise Store which includes single covers and sets of covers; the standard size of cover has a 76mm hole which will fit the vast majority of pouches available, please see the measuring guide below.

As a bit of fun or if you have named your stoma we can also print a slogan, football club logo etc on any plain cover

If your pouch does not meet this criteria just email the measurement as shown in the diagram to with together with the make and model number of your pouch and we will custom make them for you at no additional cost, just order the standard pouch and put a note in the checkout to see email.

The standard 76mm pouch will fit all sizes from 60mm – 76mm.