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OstoMART was founded in 1991. The quality of service offered by the Company was quickly recognised by professionals and members of the public alike

In the past twenty years OstoMART has progressed dramatically; forever changing to meet the new challenges of the market place but always with our clients as the number one consideration of the Company. Our motto is CLIENT FIRST and these words can be seen in our service centres and reflected in our daily contact with our clients. All members of the OstoMART team have worked hard to achieve the BS EN ISO 9001:2008 certificate for quality service which we achieved in the year 2000, and as a Company we are very proud of our achievement.

We have Service Centres in Nottingham and Peterborough, and an overnight / 24 hour service direct to your door is our basic response for prescription deliveries. We receive your full appliance prescription today and you receive your full order tomorrow (weekends and Bank Holidays excepted). You will receive complimentary disposal bags and clean up wipes with your order, along with an MRSA resistant flannel, and a free gift of your choice from our range of handy accessory items. Join our STANDARD ORDER SCHEME and we will deal directly with your Doctor to organise prescriptions on your behalf. We can also cut your flanges or pouches to an exact size using our innovative Ultrasonic Cutting Machine. If you have a stoma and need a service we don’t already provide, please contact us. We can guarantee to listen and respond quickly. Alternatively contact your nearest Service Centre, where one of our BTEC trained team will be pleased to answer your enquiry personally.

Though a family run Company with limited funds, OstoMART has led the way in improving the level of services and products available to people with a stoma. A high percentage of the profit is used to research and develop new products and services. Assisted by professionals, we have researched and developed a range of products to improve the lifestyle of our clients. All of these products are available on N.H.S. Prescription. We also have an extensive range of support garments for men and women through our sister Company Hi Line Ltd. Our support garments come pre treated with anti-microbial and anti-bacterial coatings, resulting in garments that remain MRSA resistant for at least 50 washes. Our support garments are widely recognised as the best available by both clients who wear them and professionals who recommend them. All of our garments carry the CE mark for quality. Contact us for a comprehensive brochure and fitting guide. We also manufacture underwear and swimwear ourselves at our Sewing Facility in the north of England.

Our Going Home booklet offers help and guidance to those Ostomates needing an information reference on daily living after leaving hospital. Given to new Ostomates by many Stoma Care professionals it contains lots of useful information for anyone waiting for surgery or with a new stoma. The booklet also has an illustrated section containing helpful abdominal exercises for those with weak abdominal musculature or a hernia.

OstoMART will continue to uphold the Client First ethos. We will strive even harder to improve services and products to our clients. We are already working hard on our next prescription product.

Dorothy Waller, the founder and owner of OstoMART Ltd was instrumental in creating the model for the way prescription services are delivered to Ostomates today. Dorothy was herself a very experienced nurse, working in the Health Service at a senior level for many years and with various appliance manufacturers. She is passionately committed to constantly reviewing and improving the services available to clients with a stoma. A passion shared by the rest of her employees, many of whom have been with the Company for some time. As our Founder was a key originator of current Home Delivery Service models you may be assured OstoMART provides an excellent service to its client family.