Sanicare Travel Bidet

Sanicare Travel Bidet – Ideal for all Ostomates using a drainable pouch when out and about.

No more folding toilet paper or baby wipes to wipe the end of the pouch after draining – Simply wash it with the Sanicare bidet spray and close the pouch.

The Sanicare Travel Bidet / Portable Bidet is a MUST when you’re on the go.

This Unique Personal Hygiene System makes cleansing more convenient and effective beyond what toilet paper/wipes alone can achieve. Just gently wash the pouch out over the toilet with the gentle spray of water from the Sanicare Travel Bidet, then close your pouch – finished leaving the pouch opening clean and fresh.

The Sanicare Travel Bidet / Portable bidet allows everyone to be fresh and clean anytime, anywhere!

Available now in the UK from the Stomawise store for UK & Europe Sales or Directly from Sanicare in the USA

Stay fresh and feel Confident a must to keep in your Travel Kit