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Stoma Stopper Kit1The new Aquaflush Stoma Stopper fulfills an existing need, but is a unique product in many ways.

Developed over the course of a two-year consultation with ACE, Caecostomy and Mitrofanoff patients and healthcare professionals, the Aquaflush design team listened carefully and incorporated three key design improvements into all of the 4 gauges (8fr-14fr).

  • A soft, comfortable implant-grade silicone. We even made it blue – the transparent stoppers can sometimes be hard to find if they pop out.
  • A super thin low-profile tab and dressing, almost invisible underneath that tight ‘Ariel the Mermaid’ or ‘Spiderman’ costume!
  • Adjustable length- only 4 sizes need to be stocked. This makes life incredibly easy for healthcare professional, as each Stopper can be easily trimmed at the indentation to give a length from 10mm to 100mm.

Every Stoma Stopper needs to be covered, with this in mind Aquaflush have once again taken notice of what the patient needs.

The resulting Stoma Stopper Dressing is a very skin-friendly hydrocolloid, especially designed to stay on throughout the most active days, but is atraumatic to remove should the need arise.

The glue adheres equally well to both the stopper tab and the surrounding skin, keeping everything in place, low profile and protected.

Available on the Drug Tariff from 1st May 2016, see codes below.

Note the availability of a ‘Monthly Pack’, fulfilling all the patient needs for 30 days’ supply including one Stoma Stopper and a box of 30 dressings.

Once again, making life simple for everyone involved, and saving the NHS money over the alternatives.