A Urostomy is a stoma (artificial opening) for the urinary system and is made in cases where long-term drainage of urine through the bladder and urethra is not possible.

It is a surgical procedure which diverts the normal flow of urine from the kidneys and ureters into a surgically created stoma.

The surgeon will isolate a short piece of your small intestine from which he will make a tube “known as an “ileal conduit” the two ureters will be connected into this which will then be brought to the surface of the abdomen as a stoma.

Urine will continue to pass through the stoma; completely bypassing the bladder, in some cases depending upon the reason for the surgery the bladder may be completely removed.

A Urostomy is permanent and not reversible where as some ileostomies and colostomies are reversible.

There are a number of reasons for a Urostomy all of which are connected to a defect or problem with the urinary system which needs to be removed or by passed, neurological disorders leading to severe incontinence or bladder cancer may result in also result in Urostomy surgery.

The flow of urine from a Urostomy is continuous and a Urostomy bag with a tap must be worn and will need emptying several times per day.

The Urostomy bag can be attached by a small pipe at night to a night drainage bag on a stand at the bedside and in some cases a larger leg bag can be used during the day to increase the time between emptying if going out etc.

The bag or bag and back plate (in the case of a 2 piece system) will need to be changed every 1-3 days according to personal preference.