Mitrofanoff Stoma

The inventor of the Mitrofanoff (mye-troff-an-off) procedure was Dr Paul Mitrofanoff who was born in France in 1934.

He invented the procedure in 1980, to stop incontinence. The Mitrofanoff has been utilized successfully to provide continent catheterisable stoma. The operation is complex and has been successful in many different countries. However complications include stomal Stenosis, leakage from the stoma and Stricture.

The Mitrofanoff procedure creates a channel which acts in the same way as a urethra which is made from the appendix, bowel or both, as this is like a tube. The channel is made to go directly from the bladder to an exit either through the Navel or beside it. Therefore intermittent self catheterisation via the Mitrofanoff is required to empty the bladder, without undressing or moving out of a wheelchair.

This surgery is normally carried out in conjunction with another procedure, either to enlarge the bladder or to create a urinary reservoir.

The Mitrofanoff is an excellent alternative producer for continence due to a variety of reasons. Such as Spina Bifida, Extrophy of the bladder, Epispadias, Ectopic Bladder, patients with failed surgery for Posterior urethral valves and Post significant pelvic surgery or radiation for treatment of malignancies. The Mitrofanoff can also be effective for those who are wheelchair bound, is often considered as an excellent procedure for problems with contince and urological congenital abnormality’s or those who require but lack the dexterity for urethral catheterization.
The new bladder muscles will not work in the same way as a normal bladder, this is as the nerve supply has been interrupted. Most people will still feel the sensation of needing to empty your bladder.
The Mitrofanoff enables you to live a normal life and maintain your dignity. You lifestyle is not limited, as long as you are sensible with, and do not take it for granted.

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