Stomal Skin Problems

Types of Stomal skin problems.

Unfortunately many people with a stoma suffer from skin irritation from time to time, even when you take good care of your stomal skin you may still experience skin problems around your stoma through no fault of your own, if you experience any of these problems be sure to consult your GP or Stoma nurse.
The main causes are:

  • Skin bathed in stoma effluent (bowel content or alkaline urine)
  • Skin stripped by repeatedly removing the appliance
  • Occlusion and humidity
  • Friction or pressure from the appliance or clothing
  • Pre-existing sensitive skin or dermatitis (especially atopic eczema)
  • Application of irritating chemicals such as detergents, deodorisers or bleach in wipes and cleansers

Warning: Some of the images contained below may cause some distress.

[slider title=”Irritant Dermatitis”]Irritant Dermatitis.
Cause: Contact with stool or urine, usually from leakage under the pouching system or between the skin barrier and stoma.
Description: Reddened, moist, and painful skin.[/slider]

[slider title=”Allergic Contact Dermatitis”]Allergic Contact Dermatitis.
Cause: Exposure to materials and chemical compounds that irritate the skin on contact (i.e.,tape, skin barriers, soap, adhesives, powders, pastes, or pouch material).
Description: Redness and irritation in the area covered or treated by a product.[/slider]

[slider title=”Yeast infections (fungal candidiasis)”]Yeast infections (fungal candidiasis).
Cause: Leakage, perspiration, antibiotic therapy, or broken skin.
Description: Itchy, bumpy red skin. Potential infection of the vagina, mouth, or intestine.[/slider]

[slider title=”Hyperplasia or pseudoverrucous lesions”]Hyperplasia or pseudoverrucous lesions.
Cause: Chronic exposure of the skin to urine.
Description: Raised areas that vary in colour from white to light gray, deep red or brown, next to the stoma. May experience bleeding and/or pain.[/slider]

[slider title=”Folliculitis”]Folliculitis.
Cause: Inflammation of the hair follicles, usually caused by a Staph infection due to traumatic hair removal in peristomal skin.
Description: Reddened, pinpoint, or infected areas at the base of the hair follicles.[/slider]

[slider title=”Psoriasis”]Psoriasis.
Cause: A common skin disorder that can occur underneath pouching systems and skin barriers.
Description: Whitish scaly patches on the palms, scalp, elbows, knees and soles and on the peristomal skin.[/slider]

[slider title=”Pressure ulcer”]Pressure ulcer.
Cause: Excessive pressure from a stoma belt or rigid stoma care appliance.
Description: Painful ulcers due to excessive pressure on the peristomal skin.[/slider]

[slider title=”Pyoderma gangrenosum”]Pyoderma gangrenosum.
Cause: Skin disease associated with inflammatory bowel diseases such as Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis.
Description: Irregularly shaped painful infected ulcers with red-to-purple rolled margins. These may be adjacent to the stoma or elsewhere.[/slider]