Creases Moats & Dips

Post operative skin problems around your Stoma.

What is a peristomal skin crease?
A peristomal crease is where a stoma is located in a skin crease on the abdomen. Pre-operatively the stoma care nurse will talk to you about positioning your stoma and mark your abdomen to help the surgeon.

This will ensure where possible the stoma is sited in an optimum position for you. Following surgery it is not uncommon for people to gain weight and or lose weight. This can result in an overhang of skin on the abdomen. If the stoma is situated in a skin crease, the pouch may not be able to work properly as it can not get a good seal around the stoma.

Sometimes, it is not possible to pre-site the stoma as the surgery has been carried out at night due to an emergency situation. This sometimes results in the stoma being sited in a skin crease when the person sits or stands up.

What is a peristomal moat?
A moat around a stoma can occur at any time following stoma surgery. It appears like a hollow that can be either all the way round the stoma or just partially round it.

The moat is usually filled in by using washers, or pastes which work by filling any recesses before fitting the pouch.

What is a skin dip?
Following surgery the skin can become stretched because of the swelling from the stoma formation. This may distort the shape of the skin.

Post-operative infection, stitches that have been pulled too tight during surgery or just the way your skin heals may all affect the way your skin reacts and heals.

Skin dips are where there are changing contours in your skin. It can be a single dip or multiple dips all the way around your stoma. This can cause problems as faecal waste or urine can sit in the skin dip making the skin very sore, and may also cause your pouch leak.

The skin dips are usually filled in by using washers or pastes or products which work by filling any recesses, dips or moats in the skin.