Mucous Fistula

A mucous fistula can be the second of the two stomas in a double barrel ostomy, or a second stoma when a single loop ostomy is created.

While it is a non-working stoma, as in it dose not pass faeces, it’s purpose is to discharge mucous or gasses from the non-functioning portion of the colon and rectum

When the caecum is removed, the surgeon might create a double barrel stoma. In essence, this is an end ileostomy (small bowel) and a mucous fistula (the remaining colon) sited beside each other. On examination this will look almost identical to a loop ileostomy, however it is actually two separate stomas.

Less commonly, two separate stomas may be created not adjacent to each other. One stoma being the functioning part of the colon through which stool and gas pass. The second stoma is from the non-functioning portion of the colon and rectum and is called a mucous fistula, which will only pass mucus and small amounts of gas

Both Stomas will look similar usually pink-red in colour, moist and sensation free.

The mucous fistula stoma may be a little smaller and flatter than the functioning stoma.