Stomal Prolapse

A prolapsed stoma will protrude outwards and will increase the length of your stoma.

This can seem horrifying if it happens but a prolapsed stoma is not life threatening.

Prolapses can occur in any type of stoma but are more common in loop colostomies and ileostomies. The muscles holding the stoma “weaken” and allow the bowel to telescope out thus increasing the length of the stoma, some can become quite large.

A prolapse will not usually cause any pain or affect the way in which your stoma will function but can cause the pouch to leak and or be difficult to fit, which in turn could cause skin irritations through the leakage.

The size of the hole in your back plate / pouch should be checked for the correct fit as it may be necessary to use of a larger back plate / pouch to give more adhesion due to the weight of the prolapse.

If you are at all worried you should seek advice from your stoma nurse or consultant.