Stealth Belt

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Stealth Belt Ostomy Support Belt gives people who wear an ostomy or urostomy pouch better ostomy care options after colectomy, ileostomy, urostomy and other colorectal surgeries.

Stealth Belt Ostomy Support Belt provides twenty-four hour comfort, protection and support. Stealth Belt is a real solution for your ostomy care needs.

Stealth Belt Ostomy Support Belt may be worn for all activities. With Stealth Belt Ostomy Support Belt you’ll have the freedom to enjoy a more active lifestyle without the limitations often caused by wearing an ostomy or urostomy pouch.

Watersports, Swimming, Dancing, Walking, Gymnastics, Running, Cycling, and even Extreme sports are all possible when you’re wearing a Stealth Belt.

Reasons to buy your Stealth Belt

  • Stealth Belt easily supports the weight of a full Ostomy bag easing stress to the body at the stoma area by holding the Ostomy bag snugly and securely in place. Stealth Belt helps minimize pouch shifting and skin irritation. The Ostomy bag is held securely in a horizontal position, helping prevent constriction of the Ostomy bag by clothing, belts or seat belts.
  • Stealth Belt is comfortable to wear for all your activities and can be worn twenty-four hours a day. It’s comfortable for sleeping because Stealth Belt holds the Ostomy bag securely in place, preventing the bag from moving around and disturbing your sleep. Stealth Belt Ostomy Support Belt is made of soft and stretchy material that is gentle on your skin.
  • Stealth Belt’s one piece design is easy to use. The zippered pouch provides easy access for cleaning, emptying or changing your Ostomy bag. Stealth Belt works for both left or right sided stomas. Some people find that they use less Ostomy supplies because the flange stays on longer with Stealth Belt.