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Haramakis are for everyone young, old, male, female.

Why should i wear an haramaki?


  • Light support to keep your pouch in place.
  • When wearing low rise jeans gives some abdominal coverage to hide the pouch top.
  • In bed to cover pouch at times of intimacy.


  • Keeping your middle warm helps raise the whole of your body temperature.
  • Eases menstrual cramps.

Cover Up

  • Provides coverage during exercise & dance
  • Hides builders bum with low slung jeans when sitting or bending.

Nukunuku = warm and cosy (Japanese). This is how we want you to feel so we brought the haramaki concept to the UK. Haramaki translates as belly (hara) wrap (maki) – a band of material wrapped around your middle. You can tuck them in and wear them invisibly or have a layer of colour over or under your clothes or just peeking out when you sit down or bend over.

Also called waist warmers and belly bands, these body warmers have been worn for centuries in Japan. The samurai wore them beneath their armour and they are experiencing a fashion revival in Japan. They are great for doing yoga, outdoor sports, cyclists, pregnant and breast feeding mums, those who feel the cold and anyone who wants to cover up the gap between top and waistband especially when sitting or bending over