Dry Pro

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Dry Pro™ is the only ostomy protector with the watertight vacuum seal.

The Dry Pro™ fits snugly yet is comfortable during a shower, a bath and even an active swim. Unlike “modified rubbish bag” products, our patented vacuum sealed product cannot come off, you can’t even pull it off!

The Dry Pro™ is made of durable high quality surgical latex. Jump in the pool! Play in the waves at the beach! Shower or bathe repeatedly with ease!

For quality of life, the Dry Pro™ Waterproof Ostomy Protector is guaranteed for a year. After putting on the ostomy protector, the pump sucks out the air so that the ostomy protector cannot come off and more importantly: the ostomy pouch stays completely dry and secure. Taking a quick shower, a relaxing bath or even a refreshing swim is no longer a problem. The Dry Pro™ for ostomy is highly durable and also re-usable.


  • High Quality Durable Surgical Rubber.
  • One Year Product Replacement Guarantee.
  • Comfortable Yet Secure.
  • Shower, Swim and Bathe.
  • Completely Waterproof Vacuum Seal.
  • Improved Quality of Life.