Syria Appeal Update

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Stomawise is pleased to inform and thank all those that have got involved in sending surplus ostomy supplies to “Hand in Hand for Syria” that the supplies are now being received on the ground in Syria and distributed via the hospitals and clinics in some of the most needed and hard to reach areas across the country.

Your surplus supplies are however still needed and will be for the foreseeable future.

All supplies can be sent directly to “Hand in Hand for Syria” in Birmingham, you can download an address label and packing note from the link below.

To make your package easier to process please remove pouches from boxes and pack them in 10’s in clear plastic bags and mark the bag with the make and type of pouch ie “Coloplast Mio / Drainable this helps in the sorting and also reduces the size of the package / postal cost.
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We can accept all forms of ostomy pouches, night bags and stands, leg bags, barrier creams and wipes, adhesive remover sprays and wipes, etc but please remove all packaging.

Although several others organizations are reportedly collecting supplies for Syria and other areas of need “Hand in Hand for Syria” is the only UK registered charity that delivers humanitarian aid to Syria on behalf of international non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and governments who do not have access to the country, They have over 300 staff on the ground in Syria who are working in some of the country’s hardest hit and most difficult to reach areas, Over the past six years they have established 8 hospitals as well as supporting more than 20 clinics and other mobile medical units which they supply with medicines and medical consumables donated from the UK.

If you are wanting to donate your surplus supplies or have stocks of samples you will never use, please give us a thought as there are people in Syria who have lost everything through no fault of there own including their health and struggling with ostomy’s and other life changing conditions (for a few seconds think how you feel when you only have a few pouches left and not received your NHS delivery) and then apply it to not knowing if you will get any supplies at all or where they will come from.

Download your address label and packing note.

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To open and print them you need Adobe Reader which can be downloaded free of charge.

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