Little Girl Becomes a Young Lady

Stomawise would like to congratulate Paris on looking like a Princess for her school leaving Prom.


Paris was born with “clowaka” she had no large bowel and had a perforated anus..

Over the years since her birth Paris as undergone 22 operations.

This included:
Removal of the rectum muscle, vagina spectrum removed, five attempts of removing the distal bowel, she has also had a number of mucosectomy for the pull through rectum and now has significant degree of anal structuring

She has had her womb removed and now also suffers with severe perineal excoriation requiring an anal flush 3 times a day.

Throughout the 16 years of her life she has been through more operations than any person should go through in a life time but remains a positive happy young lady that as you can see in the pictures does not let anything stop her.

Well done Paris we are proud of you and you’re an inspiration to many showing that an ostomy is not life limiting.

Lots of Love
Stomawise Team