How it started – 2013

On my 23rd birthday i woke to pain that i described as equalling the pain of childbirth.

Zoi KenneyI thought it was indigestion, but turned out to be my appendix.
I was taken straight to Rotherham General under my GP’s orders and that day went down for emergency surgery due to my appendix being very infected and inflamed.

I spent a week in hospital from this due to having a reaction to the GA and an infection from the operation.

Little did i know this was the trauma by body needed for my illness to make its mark and for my life to change!

My bowel never regained function and suffered Chronic Constipation for five weeks including the week in hospital. I became the couch potato at my mum’s house where i was recovering from my surgery and getting back on my feet while she cared for Thomas (my son).

I was constantly at the GP where we tried many laxatives, strong opiates and anti sickness medication to try and relive my symptoms, however the constant battling of; Swelling, Distended stomach, Nausea, Sickness and dramatic weight loss from being unable to eat and keep food down Doubled up in constant pain, Lack of sleep and No energy became too much! Finally after four weeks of being at home was readmitted to Rotherham General to find out what was going on with my body and to assist my Bowel.

All the scans and tests showed that the bowel was fully loaded and couldn’t pass through a section of the large bowel. They put it down to my bowel needing to wake up from surgery…. But was not to be the case!!

zoidoc1I would find myself being readmitted to hospital after periods of a week and sometimes even up to 5 weeks depending on how bad my suffering and symptoms got, The hospitalizations lasting anywhere from four days to three weeks.
For over a year this continued as I battled with; Dehydration No energy, Insomnia, Swelling/Bloating of the stomach, No appetite, Malnutrition/Weight loss, Constant pain, Sickness, Hot flushes, Spouts of Tachycardia, Palpitations and the Mental challenge of – Do I eat??? But this will hurt me so may be not….

At my whit’s end and fed up of suffering and thinking this can’t go on as I am destroying my sons life not being able to do what a mum does and being laid up or in a hospital bed which i felt was unfair to him and left me feeling guilty.

There where the good days every so often but mainly the bad had a hold on my life.

I had many tests to find out what was going on. Is it Crohns? Colitis? Diverticulitis? Celiac Disease? What was it? Still no diagnosis after multiple Ct Scans, X-rays, Ultrasounds, Blood Tests, Transit Studies, Lumbar Punctures, Colonoscopies and tests you would not even think where possible.

With constant Hospital and GP appointments the changing list of daily medication just became longer and longer to try and relive the pain I had become accustomed to.

From Morphine, Tramadol, Fentanyl Patches, Ondansetron, Cyclzine, Lansoprazole, Pro Bantine, Domperidone, Kwels, Acupan, Buccal anti sickness, Sumatriptan Injections and many different laxatives. Although some gave partial relief the symptoms never fully went.

My friends and family joked that if they picked me up and shook me.. I would rattle like a child’s toy due to the twelve or more different medications up to four times a day.

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