Enso Continence Apparel

Who says continence underwear has to be uncomfortable or unattractive?

Enso provides a fresh new take on continence wear with garments that look like everyday stylish underwear, have a long life, are excellent value and incorporate a host of unique a innovative features. It is a revolutionary range of luxury fixation underwear! Designed to be used in conjunction with a separate disposable pad, Enso offers exceptional levels of comfort alongside technical innovations and fashionable design.

The Enso fixation underwear is virtually seamless, constructed from unique ThermoCool breathable fabric and free from irritating labels for ultimate comfort. The shape and design of the crotch area within the garment has been specifically created to securely hold continence pads close to the body to prevent leaks, reduce pad noises, minimise pad ‘bulge’ and lock in odours.

The use of exceptionally high quality fabric ensures that the garments are extremely resilient to repeated wash cycles (12 month + life span) and have a fast air-drying time after washing.

The potentially visible waistband is free from any branding to add to its discreet fashionable design.

I’m sure some of you are probably a little bit sceptical as to how Enso continence wear could have a positive impact on your life, particularly if you’ve had any past urinary or faecal incontinence corrected through either a urostomy, ileostomy or colostomy formation.

I have had an end Ileostomy due to crohns disease since February 2014. I still have my heavily diseased defunctioned colon, rectum and anus in situ until I’m well enough to endure such a mighty operation.

If you are in a similar situation you’ll understand what I mean when I say BUM SLUDGE, BLOOD & MUCUS! There’s no stopping it until a ‘Barbie Butt’ is on the horizon, so all we can do is embrace it and carry on as comfortably and protected as possible.

Personally I find it is at its heaviest during the night and in stressful situations; I always wear an Always Maxi Night-time pad as opposed to a urinary continence pad. However, wearing one on a daily basis with a standard shaped pair of knickers isn’t particularly comfortable and tends to bulge up and in-turn encouraged a lot of unwelcome Candida.

So, you could imagine my delight when I discovered Enso Continence Apparel earlier this month. Naturally I was a little dubious as to whether or not they really were any better than a standard pair of ladies boxer-knickers, so I just ordered the 1, a coral pink pair, to try them out.

Needless to say I now own 4 pairs with another 3 on the way, so I can wear them on a daily basis. They are unbelievably comfortable and light-weight, they keep everything (pads) in its place, no more digging in to my hips during the night, a practically invisible VPL, and most importantly of all, they look great! – even earning a compliment from the hubby!

At present, the only design available is the boxer-short at £16.74 + (p+p) in Coral Pink, Lemon Yellow or Arctic White for women, and Slate Grey, Cobalt Blue and Arctic White for men.

If you would like to know more about Enso or how you can place an order, please contact me at rachel@stomawise.co.uk

Rachel xxx