Stomawise 2016 Calendar

It’s that time of the year once again and after the huge success of the Stomawise 2015 Calendar, we’re now making a start on ‘project calendar 2016!’

2015 CalendarLast year we received an awe-inspiring amount of photographs from Ostomates all over the world, aged 1 to 91; the spectrum covered all walks of life and behind every stoma lied a poignant tale. To us, the Stomawise Calendar is so much more than just a calendar of scantily-clad folk with their pouches on show.

To us, its an empowerment that tells the world we are not ashamed to have our stoma’s and battle scars.

We are not embarrassed by our ostomies or the journey that led us to where we are today. We are normal, beautiful human-beings and its liberating to be proud of who you are as a person. Every entry we receive is raising awareness while holding a great, big middle-finger up to the stigma and taboo that surrounds having a stoma.

For your chance to be entered to feature in next years Stomawise calendar all you have to do is submit a photo of yourself with either your pouch or stoma on display, to before October 31st 2015.

For a little inspiration, your entry could be a Summer ‘Selfie’ on the beach, standing by a famous landmark on holiday, playing your favourite sport, doing a spot of gardening, or simply chilling-out in the comfort of your own home. Its entirely up to you! Every entry that is received will be displayed in a collage on the front of the calendar.

The winners that will represent each month of the year in the calendar will this year be chosen by those in the ConvaTec head-office.

All proceeds from the sale of the calendars will be donated to the OstoBear & Caravan funds to provide children that are facing surgery and life with a stoma, an educational bear with its very own patented stoma to support and comfort them through their journey, And for the latter the possibility of a free weeks recuperation after surgery away from home.

Keep an eye on our Stomawise Facebook page for all entries, winner announcements and details of how to purchase the 2016 Calendar. And, don’t forget to check out and like the OstoBears Facebook page, too!

Photographic conditions: As the pictures are to be reproduced through a printing process the images must be of good quality and of high resolution so if your using a phone to take your pictures put it on the highest quality.

Rachel xxx