50 Shades of Nude

Woohoo, the weekend is officially here OstoGuys’n’Girls…

…and this weekend Billy and I are getting funky with our Penguin Pouch Covers from the Stomawise store!

Those of you that know me, know that you’d be hard-pressed to discover someone with more confidence and love for their stoma, like I have for mine. I couldn’t give a hoot who lays their eyes on my little red friend in his ‘sleeping-bag’, who hears it rustling under my clothes while I get organised, who gets a whiff of it’s output after a toilet pebble-dashing session…you get the idea…so don’t think for one minute that I’m using my pouch covers because I’m ashamed or embarrassed of my bag, you couldn’t be further from the truth.

Today we are utterly spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing the right ostomy bag with so many brands and styles available on the market. Sadly, the same cant be said for the none-existent array of colours and so all that we are left with is 50 Shades of Nude. Nude is fine and it serves us well, but sometimes it’s nice to express ourselves with something that has a bit of pizazz. Cue Penguin Pouch Covers! With various patterns, colours and styles available for not only men and women, boys and girls, but for OstoBear’s too! – There is a Penguin Pouch Cover for every occasion.

It’s not all about looks and self-expression, many people choose to use pouch covers for all manner of reasons; intimacy, privacy, sunbathing, sport, showering…the list is endless and Penguin Pouches cater for all events. Personally, I like to wear mine throughout the summer and during the night as I find myself becoming rather hot and sweaty; the cotton pouch is cool and refreshing on my skin opposed to the sticky plastic of an ostomy bag. I also have a couple of mini pouch covers which I use for the more intimate moments to ensure my ostomy bag is kept discretely in its place.

All Penguin Pouch Covers are available in a selection of sizes tailored around the brand and size of ostomy bag that you use. Other ostomy bags can be catered for by contacting admin@stomawise.co.uk for further information and a template code. These are a just few of my personal favourites, but you can check out the entire range in the Stomawise store by clicking here.

Enjoy getting colourful!
Rachel (& Billy) x