Introducing Coloplast’s Sensura® Mio

Happy Monday Osto Guys ‘n’ Girls

So, how many of you have discovered the latest new ‘designer’ bag on the block from Coloplast?

Well, if you haven’t, fear not, I’m here to give you the lowdown on this latest state-of-the-art ostomy pouch – the Louis Vuitton of the stoma world.

The new Sensura Mio from Coloplast has really brought concept ostomy pouches into the here and now and is unlike any other appliance we’ve witnessed before.

Of course, what strikes you first is it’s unusual shade of grey opposed to the standard nude/opaque colouring that adorns every other ostomy pouch. Its manufactured with a soft, satin-like material that, dare I say, makes it look almost glamorous and fashionable.

The Sensura Mio range is no mutton dressed as lamb, it performs equally as good as it looks. It’s been innovatively designed using a flexible elasticated adhesive to provide a better fit for any body shape and size. The grey textile was specifically tested under a wide spectrum of various coloured clothing garments and it was discovered that it actually offers a higher level of discretion than tradition nude/skin colours. Other new features include a full-circle filter for proven reduction of ballooning which results in better air-flow. One thing I particularly like about this bag is that it has a small inspection window to keep an eye on stoma activity and aids correct positioning when applying a fresh pouch.

Coloplast have manufactured an extensive range of their new Sensura Mio, too; there are pouches available for those with an ileostomy, colostomy, urostomy with the option of either a 1-piece or 2-piece, either closed or drainable, and all available in grey textile or transparent.

On Satuday morning I received samples of the 1-piece drainable version and so after showering and giving my skin an a good clean, I decided to try them out to see how they performed. Touch-wood, I don’t have many issues with the current appliances I use thanks to a healthy, protruding (1′) ileostomy with a diameter of 20mm. The Sensura Mio was easy to apply and instantly attached itself to my skin and offered security as it surrounded my stoma nicely. The flange is so thin it feels like you are just wearing a second, super flexible, skin; it is super sticky, too and so offers high protection against leaks and puts your mind completely at ease.

When I try new ostomy products, naturally, Im always a little cautious, but I soon developed confidence in the Sensura Mio.

I kept this bag on for a total of 48 hours; it showed no signs of wear whatsoever and I simply changed it this morning as I started to feel a little unhygienic after 2 days wear.

In my personal opinion the pouch could have easily gone another 48 hours, if not more. The satin grey material still looked immaculate with no fraying or degradation at all unlike many other branded pouches that start looking shabby after 12 hours or so. The full-circle filter worked incredibly well during the first 18 hours expelling all air effectively and kept the pouch looking discreet despite consuming a couple of cans of fizzy that day. But, like all pouches, the real filter test is when it comes to bed time, and its to be expected that when lying down, output won’t always head to the bottom of the pouch. Of course, it depends on which position you sleep in; I tend to sleep on either my left or right side which usually ends up in a clogged filter from high ouput through the night.

However, on the first night of wearing the Sensura Mio, the filter stayed relatively clear and I awoke in the morning to very little air in the pouch.

Through Sunday the pouch continued to work its magic with no signs of wear, but Sunday night the filter had clogged and I had to do the crab-walk to the toilet this morning to empty a rather large poo-balloon. I cant really mark this as a negative point simply because the 1-piece bags are ultimately only supposed to be for 24-hour wear.

Overall, I genuinely love the Sensura Mio; the colour, touch, discretion, flange strength, ease of application, durability and all its quirky features – It most certainly will be replacing my current appliance without a shadow of a doubt. The only dowside is I only have 2 remaining sample pouches to last me until my next delivery in early February!.

The full range is now available on prescription, and Samples can be obtained via Coloplast’s website

Let me know what you think of the Coloplast’s new Sensura Mio pouches! Rachel xxx

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