Miss Stomawise aka Rachel Clements’ Blog

Hello Ostobuddies!

WOW! If someone had said to me that this time last year that I’d be sat here typing my very first blog for Stomawise, I would not have had the foggiest idea what they were talking about.

This time last year I had no idea that in 3 months time I would be having an ileostomy formed along with this amazing new life. I certainly had no idea that Stomawise, and all its invaluable support, even existed!

Some of you may recognise me, or already know me as the current ‘Miss Stomawise’. But, you can find out more about who I am, my ileostomy, and the journey that brought me to where I am today in My Story on the main Stomawise site.

I’m looking forward to ‘blogging’ several times each month, discussing anything and everything about my life living with a stoma. I will be covering all aspects such as diet, fashion, stoma products, trialling new pouches, holidaying, sport, unpleasant issues, useful hint & tips…the list is endless! I would also love to hear from all my fellow Ostobuddies out there; you can contact me with any questions, idea’s, tips or just to say hello, at rachel@stomawise.co.uk

Look after yourselves Ostobuddies!

Until next time,

Rachel xxx