Christmas Wishes

Evening OstoBuddies.

I do hope you are all set for the white-bearded, red-suited big-man to break into your houses tonight; hopefully you have all been good girls and boys this year!? I’m just wondering how on earth he is going to get the BMW 6-Series I’ve asked for, down the chimney. Failing that, I have already received the most amazing gift this year – my ileostomy back in February. This will be my very first Christmas with my trusty little side-kick and I can’t wait to make up for all the Christmases that I missed out on. Its going to be amazing just to see my little girl’s face, watching her un-wrap her presents without me being glued to the toilet. I’ve gone all-out this year; we’re dining out at a restaurant tomorrow to take the stress out of the day for everyone and I have a new sparkly dress to wear and fresh sparkly nails. My OstoBear Bella even has a beautiful Christmas-themed outfit to wear.

Anyway, I just wanted to take this opportunity, before the festivities begin, to wish you all a very Merry Christmas! Granted, life with a stoma isnt always plain-sailing and sadly our illness’ or ostomy related issues don’t call cease-fire for special occasions. To those of you going through troubled times, I hope you are able to enjoy the festive season and that it is as pain-free and leak-free as possible. Don’t forget that we are always here at Stomawise to discuss any Ostomy related issues and you can contact myself personally at

It’s my daughter Chloe’s bedtime now, so we are going to raid the cupboards to find Santa and the reindeer a midnight snack and beverages for when they stop-off later tonight.

Have a truly magical time! Rachel xxx