CS Ostomy Pouch Covers

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In today’s busy world, fashion, comfort and confidence are important to maintain
an active lifestyle.

C&S Pouch Covers understands the needs of ostomy patients because our founder is herself an ostomy products user. Our pouch covers help to promote confidence and self-assurance as well as to detract from any potential discomfort that may be associated with an ostomy bag.

  • Pouch cover conceals the appearance of the collection bag and also assists in avoiding skin irritations.
  • No longer do you have to be irritated and uncomfortable from the heat and rubbing of the collection bag against your body.
  • C&S Covers are made with a closed end. When your ostomy bag starts to fill, your clip and bag does not poke through an opening and will also support the weight of the appliance.
  • All pouch covers are designed with solid white backing and a decorative front
  • The pouch cover lessens any uneasiness or worry that may be associated with intimacy while increasing confidence
  • Pouch covers help to diminish any noise that may be associated with the plastic collection bag.
  • The C&S pouch cover is a lightweight, durable fabric that will feel comfortable against your skin.
  • All items may be purchased individually or in sets.

The video below thanks to Maggie Baldwin will show you how to fit both the normal and quick dry pouch covers.