Trio – SILKEN Stoma Gel

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Silicone – Stoma gel

Have you ever wished that you could remove your hydrocolloid paste or strip in one piece leaving no residue? We thought you should be able to, so we developed Trio Silken™.

Trio Silken™ is a silicone gel that is used to fill skin folds, creases and uneven areas around the peristomal skin to provide a better surface for the application of an ostomy appliance. Unlike hydrocolloid pastes or strips, Trio Silken™ will not absorb moisture or body waste and will not break down, leaving you with a difficult and messy substance to remove. Instead, as wear time progresses, Trio Silken™ cures to a single piece of silicone adhesive that removes in one piece when fully cured.

Being sting-free on application and allowing your skin to breathe, Trio Silken™ remains soft and flexible to ensure comfort. Trio Silken™ can be used to create a perfect custom seal around the stoma, particularly useful for irregular-shaped or difficult to manage stomas.

Benefit from the improved quality of life through the avoidance of effluent leakage and consequential skin excoriation and faecal malodour – try Trio Silken™ soft silicone stoma gel and be amazed at how easy it is to remove!